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Dual Universe Alpha 3 revealed, bringing factions and organizations to the MMO

Dual Universe Alpha 3

The new PvP options will offer the chance for players to take part in, with the new construct-versus-construct mode being enabled. Think of it like Robot Wars in Dual Universe. Novaquark is hyping the mode as yet another creative endeavor for the fanbase, offering the potential to marry destruction and creation in equal measure.

A handful of new ship-based weapon options will be available for players as well. These new heavy weapons will allow players to craft much more powerful vessels to cruise the stars with. There’s plenty of other gameplay changes though, as Dual Universe Alpha 3 is pretty big. There’s updates to the economy, piloting ships and other stuff as well.

One of the biggest new features is the new organization system. As the namesake of the Shattered Alliances, players can expect plenty of new features and systems around the game with this patch. For one thing, there’s a role system that’s very similar to EVE Online within Dual Universe now. This makes sense because several former CCP employees work with developer Novaquark. Different players can join different organizations, and these organizations can, in turn, work together as a singular entity. This system will allow player groups to work very similarly to player alliances in EVE.

Some players are reporting that ongoing issues are still a problem. The most commonly reported issues are frame drops and lag, with some users suggesting that there’s a lot more work to be done. Maybe when the first beta kicks off this Summer, players will see some improvement on this front. If you want more details, check out the full feature overview video down below for Dual Universe Alpha 3.

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