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Pokémon Go’s PvP battles due out later this month

Pokémon Go Getting Trainer Battles

We’ve got more news about the Trainer Battles coming to Pokémon Go. Specifically some details about how challenges will work and what moves will be available in-battle. In a new update, Niantic revealed more details about how PvP works in Pokémon Go.

It was previously revealed that trainer battles are split into three leagues, each with their own requirements. Great, Ultra, and Master leagues will each have specific CP ratings which are allowed, with Master being the unlimited league, and players can hop in at any time to challenge another Trainer using a Battle Code, assemble a team of three Pokémon, and see who comes out on top! When Trainer Battles are completed, both participants will receive great rewards, including a chance at rare Evolution items.

By the way, Best Friends and Ultra Friends can be challenged remotely at any time. Along with being able to take on other players, you will also be able to train against the game’s team leaders for daily rewards.

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Battles themselves will be modeled after Gym battles, meaning your choices for your team in a battle should be both well-balanced and have some pretty damaging moves in their repertoire. Pokémon in each battle will have access to their respective Fast Attack and Charged Attack moves, so choose wisely.

Pokémon Go is available now for free on iOS and Android. We don’t have a firm release date, but you could well be battling your family and friends in Pokémon Go by Christmas.

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