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Dungeons & Dragons Online announces Masterminds of Sharn Expansion

Dungeons & Dragons Online announces Masterminds of Sharn Expansion

Dungeons & Dragons Online is a rather old game, 13 years old in fact, and we finally have some more news about the newest expansion, Masterminds of Sharn.

With this new expansion, Dungeons & Dragons Online will take a trip to one of the Sharn expansion. Sharn, often called “The City of Towers”, is the iconic metropolis of the Eberron campaign setting. Many D&D players have adventured through here, and it’s a huge and sprawling mess filled with chaos and subterfuge, making it the perfect setting for the new expansion.

It’s been a while since we heard anything about this expansion, since it was announced back in August 2018. But now, we finally have some idea what kind of content will be included in the new batch of stuff being added to this game, so let’s dive in.

We do know that many of the different areas of Sharn will be represented in Masterminds of Sharn. So players will venture from the Skyway and the Upper City, down into the depths of the Cogs and the Lava Pools. This geographical layout offers a ton of flexibility in terms of monsters, quests, dungeons and more for Dungeons & Dragons Online to enjoy. There’s also a new race coming with the expansion that fans have wanted for a while, the demonic-influenced Tieflings. Along with a new race, new hero classes, cosmetic items and a bunch of other content is planned. Stay tuned to learn more.

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Check out the teaser trailer for the latest DDO expansion down below. Learn more about this upcoming expansion over at the official website. Pre-orders for the new expansion kick off next month in March 2019, with the full release date to be released later this year.

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