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Temtem opens the Saipark, first endgame zone

Temtem is just Pokemon

Temtem’s latest update has landed, the new Saipark zone is now open. Tamers can head here to capture various unique Temtem, with a roster rotating each week. This is a great place to farm for Luma spawns as well. The new endgame zone is live, and it’s very similar to the Safari Zone found in Pokémon.

With the Saipark there’s plenty of different bonuses going on for Tamers to take advantage of. For one thing, there’s a much higher rate of Luma encounters in this zone. The Saipark in Temtem also is the best place, bar none, that Lumas can be encountered. Crema has reduced the Luma encounter rate in the rest of the Airborne Archipelago from 1/6,000 to 1/8,000. This means that the rate of catching the Shiny equivalent is now much lower outside the Saipark.

How to get into the Saipark

You can access the Saipark at any point in the game, provided you have the right tools. You need two different sets of items to get access to the new endgame, zone. Head to the west side of the Prasine Coast, look for the hook off of the edge of the cliff.

The second requirement is the entrance fee, which includes both currency and some special Saicards, and these are different from normal Temcards. Your entrance fee will include a batch of Saicards, which can only be acquired by using the hook mentioned above and finding the two unique Temtem that spawn in this area and catching them.

The entrance fee this week is 3,500 Pansuns, and it will change each week depending on how rare the two new spawns are. The two Temtem available in the park this week are Barnshe and Oceara, both of which are extremely rare encounters normally. And with the increased rate of Luma spawns, there’s a somewhat better chance (1/4,000) to get a shinier version of either of these or both.

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Temtem Saipark

The other major addition this week is the Player Vault. This unique mechanic allows players to securely store a certain volume of items, protecting them from any account resets. Space is limited, so don’t think you can farm infinite rare items and stash them. Also, there’s a time limit of 10 days if you reset with items in the Vault. So don’t try to reset constantly trying to farm items either.

Temtem is an online-only game, so players may want to reset, and it will happen at some point for one reason or another. This makes the Player Vault really useful for getting a jumpstart on an account you just restarted on.

Those interested can find the full details of the patch on the Crema site.

If you’re just starting out, or you forgot, there’s plenty of quests and puzzles in Temtem that you may need help on. You might want to know where to catch certain monsters like Pigepic and Taifu, or maybe you need help with certain confusing quests. You could want to unleash your creative side, so here’s a guide on how to customize your clothes and look in-game.

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