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Sims 4 Discover University DLC Leaked Online

The Sims 4 ‘Discover University’ DLC leaked on Dutch gaming site

The Sims 4‘s community got an interesting potential leak this week as some new DLC has possibly been revealed. This news comes from a YouTuber dedicated to The Sims 4Pixelade. The new DLC hasn’t officially been announced yet obviously, as this is just a listing on a retail site. The listing was found on Dutch site LiveKaarten, who has added the DLC for sale. The new pack is due for a November 15, 2020 release. Of course, all of this is kind of suspect, and very much subject to change.

However, there’s a problem with these leaks, given that they are basically just a posting with some box art. The reasons that some people are suspicious are pretty subtle, to the degree that only a hardcore fan would probably notice this detail. The boxart actually uses character assets from  The Sims 3, not the fourth game. Add in the fact that retailers will sometimes list games that they expect to come out, but not necessarily those which have been announced, and things get complicated. What all this means is hard to say, as it seems likely that a major retailer wouldn’t make this kind of mistake, especially since they often base their product listings on feedback from suppliers and publishers.

Back to School

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This new DLC is being assumed as a way for fans of the franchise to get an education for their sims. Of course, the goal here is to pick a new career course, but that’s just the end goal, how they get there is a journey all its own. Not many details are available, but we can assume that building personal relationships and dealing with the chaos of daily life will be a big part of Discover University. If there isn’t some kind of Animal House reference built into this, I will be very shocked.

As with previous expansions, owning this one will allow you to intermingle your other games’ “worlds” via a fast travel system that allows a quick load screen to be the only thing in your way. Throughout the years of the franchise the denizens of many a virtual town have gone on quite the myriad adventures. From exploring tombs in ancient lands to dating vampires and ghosts, the journey of a Sim is quite the exciting one.

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