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Google Stadia price and release date teased

Google Stadia

So Google Stadia is coming very soon, and we  may be about to get some more details very soon. Gamers are still waiting to learn more about the service, including  the launch price and monthly fees, game announcements, release date and so much more.  At least that the implication from a Tweet from the official account for the service.

For those that don’t know, Stadia is a new game streaming service being developed by Google as an entrant into the growing industry of digitally delivering games. Stadia will allow gamers to use any hardware to stream games over the web and play them in real-time. The mixture of cloud computing and easy access to games across multiple platforms is very exciting to some gamers. As long as you can satisfy the pretty stringent bandwidth requirement, you too can enjoy 1080p 60 FPS gaming on multiple consoles and other platforms.

The service is even being speculated to be able to run AAA titles on hardware like phones and smart TVs, although this isn’t based on much, as rosters of games and compatible devices haven’t been confirmed.

Google has tapped Jade Raymond to lead the effort, giving the new branch a good leg up with experience and knowledge. So it looks as though the project has a good chance of success. Stadia will also have to compete with PS Now, GeForce Now, Blade Shadow though, so things won’t be simple or easy.

Google Stadia is due to release in 2019, although no firm date yet. Many are still skeptical about what the service will actually turn out to be, but we’ll just have to wait until release to see what’s actually happening here.

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