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Check out some new WRC 8 gameplay footage

WRC 8 Gameplay Footage

Developer KT Racing and publisher Bigben just released some new gameplay footage of their upcoming rally sim, WRC 8. The full title of the racing game is WRC 8 FIA World Rally and just like it’s title, this game is going to be huge. Rally racing is billed as one of the most chaotic, grueling and challenging forms of motorsport, and the new game in the long-running WRC franchise wants to capture that in a completely new light.

The gmaeplay and visuals are getting a huge overhaul with an emphasis on immersion and challenge. A whole new weather system will make races more dynamic and difficult, while also layering in some strategy about how to manage worsening conditions. In terms of track and car choices, there’s a ton. The game will include 102 special stages spread across the championship’s 14 countries, with dozen of cars to choose from.

And since this is a racing sim, expect plenty of tweaking of the car and your racing team to come along for the ride as well. Taking into consideration the track composition, weather conditions and your competition is a crucial part of race strategy, something which WRC 8 wants to model. Tire choices, engine tuning, balancing load, and part upgrades are all part of tweaking you car for race day, but that’s just the start.

The game also features a vast career mode that fans of team management racing sims can love. The player has to manage driver recruitment, training and scheduling, as well as the affairs of the rest of the racing team. Everything from engineer to weather observers has to be selected and tuned. And as someone who spent a ton of time in Motorsport Manager, that aspect is strangely exciting.

And in addition to all of this depth, there’s even a multiplayer mode which offers weekly challenges and competitive head-to-head racing.

WRC 8 FIA World Rally is due to come out for PC in September 2019. Check out the newest bit of gameplay for the racing title down below.

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