The Survivalists – Guide to the Basics

Being another on the pile of procedurally generated adventure games, The Survivalists has a certain flow to its gameplay loop and overall style. You get to deal with all of the hunger and stamina management common to the genre. And of course, there’s a massive amount of items to gather and craft. The game also requires you to get ahold of various rare items to progress to the higher tiers of crafting. It’s all pretty standard. Still, some folks might feel a bit lost. So here’s a collection of helpful hints and tips to ease the learning curve for you.


Crafting more than one item at a time is a huge part of saving time in the genre. The Survivalists has way too many items to make for you to spend time making them one-by-one. Lucky for you that you can save time by crafting more than one item at a time. Here’s how to do it on both PC and consoles to save some time.

  • Select the right options for the item and tool from the Blueprint
  • Hold confirm to bring up the multicraft prompt. (A on a controller or left click on the PC)
  • Select the number on the slider from 0 to 20 that you would like to craft.

This is most useful for when you’re doing sustained crafting with Blueprint automation. The game offers automation via your own army of trained monkeys. The problem with this is that they can just run until your run out of resources. If you only wanted to make a few of a certain item, this can be pretty detrimental. Use multicrafting to limit that.

How to craft multiple of one item in the Survivalists


Resources in The Survivalists are rather important. You need them for crafting and various other goals. Here are how to get some of the most commonly needed elements. You will want to make sure you have unlocked the base tool options first, via crafting the hand axe for example. This means you will need to complete the tutorial before you unlock access to the tools you need.


Mud is found by digging in grasslands, the open grassy areas.


Sand is found on the beach, by digging up the obvious sand with a shovel. Digging on dirt will give you pebbles, so make sure to stick to the sandy bits.

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Gem Stones

Gem stones are only found in the volcanic biome, which is one of the hardest places to get to.  You will need a raft, sail, and multiple glass jars of cold water just to get there. Make sure you bring plenty of food, weapons and extra water to deal with all the enemies and other threats. Gem stones are found inside the shiny red rocks in these areas. They are tougher to crack open, so bring strong tools and start smacking these rocks when you see them.


Metal has a chance to spawn almost anywhere in the game. The only place it cannot spawn is the starter island. Metal and metal nails are required for many of the higher crafting tiers, so you will need to find some. Look for the rocks that have small flecks of silver in them. These rocks stand out from the background, so you should be able to spot them pretty easily.

How to make money in The Survivalists

You also need money, in addition to all the other stuff you might need to find. Whether it’s for crafting or other purposes. You can get money in The Survivalists by both completing tasks that the game gives you, like the tutorials, among other means. Your first batch of cash will come from just playing the game.

Doubloons are the currency in The Survivalists. and you will make them through a few different ways.  The Orclings and other enemies that attack your base are a common source of Doubloons, so be sure to take them out when you can for easy cash.

As you explore, you will find treasure maps that lead to treasure chests. These are hidden all over the game world, and not always in the same place every time. Treasure boxes have tools, crafted items, and some Doubloons inside them.

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