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New FPS Chains of Fury takes cartoony bloodshed into 2020

Chains of Fury

If you’re looking for a much more cartoonish, but still bloody disgusting, FPS experience, there’s one entry into the genre that has you covered. Indie developer Gaming Factory S.A. has now announced some new details about their upcoming game, Chains of Fury. This mutant-stuffed game is one that takes some strange turns right away, not wasting any time with building up tension. We’re going right up to 11 on the crazy scale here.

With the hyper-focus on a very nostalgic art style, Chains of Fury will be putting a very unique feel out there as its first foot being put forward. Chains of Fury’s creator, Krzysztof Orzędowski, says that the primary inspiration here was drawn from some of the most iconic edgy comic books of the 1990s. Series’ like Lobo and Hellboy are definitely seen here with their influences.

Chains of Fury brings gameplay into a mix of the 2D and 3D realms by letting the player blast their way through hordes of different enemies across a wide array of chaotic landscapes. There are six different worlds in Chains of Fury and each one has their own unique theme. But the real twist with these various levels is that they’re almost total destructible. Factory S.A. implemented a system that will allow the player to  destroy up to 80% of the walls in a level. This should grant players plenty of diverging paths through each level.

The types of enemies are also rather varied, with all the staples of robots, aliens and more in the stable of baddies to get blasted in the face. Fans of the classic Build-engine games such as Duke Nukem 3D will be extremely pleased to see this gameplay mix come back to life. And while this game won’t be as crass as that particular franchise, we can still expect plenty of fun and chaos.

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The spiffy comic book art style and frantic gameplay is joined by various other elements to make what may well be the perfect revival of the classic shooter genre. The weapons in the game comprise your basic fair for the setting, with shotguns being a primary fixture. But the real hero is the sound design. The power of the weapons is truly conveyed by the serious base the arsenal possesses as it blows through your foes with ruthless efficiency, as Chains of Fury really hammers home just how much power you wield. The background music also compliments the genre and stylistic choices, with frenetic heavy metal featuring front and center in the soundtrack.

So all in all, it sounds like a pretty solid idea with a lot of passion behind it.

Chains of Fury will release on Steam in Q4 2020.

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