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Resident Evil Village trailer is expected this August

Resident Evil Village

Capcom is teasing fans with a teaser for a teaser, yes you read that right. Resident Evil Village has a lot of new details for this new sequel. In the time that Capcom has been working on the game, slowly, details have leaked out. The game will certainly excite many fans of the classic Resident Evil 4, as the series is taking things in a new but strangely familiar direction.

Resident Evil Village was revealed during June’s PS5 digital event. Since then though, there has been only a little bit of news about the game. Capcom has been teasing fans with reveals concerning new and returning characters, hitting at a much more grandiose story this time around. One industry insider claimed that RE8 would be putting a lot more focus on humanizing side characters.

“But there is a lot of side characters in RE8 and the Villagers play a much bigger role than the people of a place usually do in a RE game.” These characters will also serve a variety of roles, and be more than just simple window dressing for the game. “The people of the Village are important to RE8, and a number of them are just ‘normal’ people,” he added.

We can expect more news sometime soon, as RE8 nears completion, but the question is when. It seems another industry insider has stepped forward with some details about that. According to them, we can expect to see

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“I feel like this shouldn’t be very surprising as Capcom already has said there’d be more RE8 stuff in August,” Dusk Golem said on Twitter, replying to a question about whether we’d be getting some gameplay next month. So all that remains is when. Gamescom’s Opening Night Live is also airing on August 27, and some folks expect more news during that digital event as well.

Capcom hasn’t said specifically when the reveal could happen though, if we find out more details, we will update this post.

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