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Get the Pumpkin Head Dullahan Mask 2020 in Warframe

The Pumpkin Head Dullahan Mask 2020 is the new titular cosmetic for the Halloween event in Warframe. The new mask is basically a free item given away to all players. You just need to know where to find it. The Dullahand Mask Pumpkin Head is found in the marketplace, just search for the name. Once you’ve bought it, it’s time to equip it.

Head into Arsenal, then Appearance. This should open up your main customization menu. From there, select the option for Attachments. Within that UI, look for Auxiliary. The Pumpkin Head Dullahan Mask 2020 should be listed among the unlocked options there. Now put it on and go have some fun.

You can also buy the Halloween color palette for 1 Credit in the market. Both of these should allow you to deck out your frames in some spooky colors for the month of October 2020.

Warframe Halloween Cosmetics

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The Dullahan Mask and Halloween color scheme for your Warframe are only available until Halloween on October 31. So get them while you can. The Day of the Dead customization packs are also back for a short time. You have until November to grab those if you want.

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