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Torchlight free on the Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store

It’s Thursday, so that means Epic is once again handing out free games to promote the Epic Games Store. Epic has introduced titles like Rebel Galaxy and other games on their store, and offering them completely for free. The idea is that these free games will encourage gamers to purchase more PC titles from Epic.

To further these efforts, Torchlight has now been offered up as a free title. The game was originally launched in 2009, with a cartoonish but lovable art style.

It’s an ARPG that offers all the typical trappings of such a genre. The game takes just seven levels and turns them into a randomly generated pile of awesomeness with tons of monsters and loot. The RPG even has a fishing minigame if you want to take a break from adventuring for a bit. And once you finish a playthrough, the game offers a unique version of New Game+ called “Retirement” where your finished adventurer hands down a powerful item to their new descendant.

The game also offers mod support through TorchED,  tools that allow players to completely alter the gameplay experience through changing level layouts, enemy placement, scripting and other aspects. It’s pretty cool if you want to craft your own ARPG experience without too much effort.

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Check out a trailer for the game down below, if you somehow haven’t heard of it.

And  as is quickly becoming tradition, Epic is handing more free games every week. The free offer next Thursday will bring with it a free copy of Limbo, a puzzler that offers a dark theme for the horror-loving psycho in you. The game came out in 2011 to some very positive reviews.

And if you’re looking for the sequel on Epic, it’s not going to be on Epic Games Store anytime soon. Torchlight II isn’t yet available from the Epic Games Store. You can, however, find it on Steam or GOG.

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