Where to find Beskar Steel deep in the belly of the Shark

Where to find Beskar Steel in Fortnite

Galactus has been vanquished, but things are not all peaceful in the Loop. A new force of chaos has descended on the land and players will be teaming up with the greatest bounty hunters in the multi-verse to hunt down whose responsible.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 has begun, which means a new map, and new map challenges as well. As you explore the new map and Battle Pass, you will notice that a lot of the new challenges revolve around the Mandalorian and his spiffy new skin. The new content in the most popular battle royale title is themed all about Star Wars. While you’re here, you might want to take a look at the new map challenges, especially for Week 1. Anyway, back to the point.

That new Mandalorian Skin needs Beskar Steel to be upgraded. You can find this in a few different places around the map. You will want to head to a POI nearby to Coral Castle. This is on the northwestern part of the map. The area has a small island north of it that has a rock outcropping on it. Find that rock formation and you’re ready to go.

The Agency structures there have become very dilapidated and you will have to dig through the ruins. You need to find the stairs within the Agency ruins that leads up to the vault. When you find this head up into the second floor and head toward the western part of the building. The vault should be open when you find it. The vault has been emptied and will only have the Beskar Steel left inside. Grab it on the shelf to complete this part of the upgrade quest.

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Once you pick up the Beskar Steel, you should get a notification that the quest has been moved forward.

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