How to unlock Haunted Sectors in Destiny 2

How to unlock the Haunted Sectors Playlist in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is celebrating Halloween in its own way. The new Festival of the Lost has a new questline with a bunch of new playlists of missions in it. Eva has a resurgent storyline that causes players to find some haunted new environs. You can gather up Candy and get some unique masks, as well as get some special cosmetic items. The event centers on the new round of Haunted Sectors. A big part of these missions involves finding and completing Summoning Rituals. Here are some details on what to do when you encounter these mechanics.

This event overall is about taking Pages and putting them into the Book of the Forgotten. You need to take Spectral Pages, then convert them to Manifested Pages, then slot those into the book. Doing this many times will unlock various rewards for players.

Candy can be earned by completing events and killing Headless Ones while not wearing a mask. Gathering up a certain amount of this will be part of this first quest. You need to get 100 Candy and 3 Spectral Pages to complete this quest. You can get Spectral Pages by playing the game. These can be from Public Events, Bounties, Crucible Matches, Gambit activities, or Strikes. These Pages can only drop when you are wearing a Festival of the Lost mask during play. You can realistically wrap this up in a Heroic Event or single Strike mission if you’re lucky enough.

To get started, head to The Tower and visit the Festival of the Lost NPC, Eva Levante. She will be marked in the Director on the map, so look for the Festival of the Lost Playlist marker. once you find her and complete the Gone But Not Forgotten quest.

Once you get into the mission and complete the first two objectives, you will get another that says to “Enter a Haunted Sector via the node in your Director. Once there, complete a Summoning Ritual.”

Select the Haunted Sectors from The Tower node in the Director to begin. There are a couple of phases to the quest. You need to enter the mission and slay as many of the unique Headless Ones enemies. Head around the map as fast as you can and capture the control points, clearing foes as you go. When the timer expires, a boss will spawn. You need to fight this boss in three phases, and will have an invulnerability shield between phases. You need to go around the map again and capture control zones to make the boss vulnerable. Go around and kill the Headless Ones to get orbs you can use to weaken the boss’s shield.

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