How to have your home repossessed in BitLife

Complete the Deadbeat Dad Challenge in BitLife

When you’re trying to get your home repossessed in BitLife, there’s a kind of shortcut, and it’s being broke. You can get a loan on a house pretty cheaply in the digital world, it’s far easier than real life, that’s for sure. The general goal is to save up enough for the basic down payment, and then not pay the bill. In this guide, we’re going to show you what to do to get your home repossessed in BitLife.

Head into the Occupation section and grab the job you can get for your education level. If you’re trying to rush the Deadbeat Dad challenge, you need to save about $10,000 or more to afford that cheap new house. Go into Occupations and pick a part-time job. You will have to work at this for a few years. Again, make sure not to work more than 40 hours for it to count this week.

If you really want to, you can do this with Freelance Gigs, but it’s much more annoying. Work smarter, not harder, folks. The one upside to the freelance route is you can get the money all in one year, if you’re willing to click hundreds of times.

Once you have worked your chosen job for a few years, try not to rush out and spend your money. You need to look in the Real Estate section of the Assets tab, listed under Go Shopping, to find it. Once there, you can begin shopping for a cheap home.

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When you find a home that’s around $60,000 or less in price, you can put in an offer on it. An event should come up asking if you want to take out a loan. If the bank approves you, you get the keys to your new home.

Now that you have it, it’s time to lose it. To get your home repossessed in BitLife, you need to stop paying the bill. Now you need to lose money and get that new house taken back. Go into Assets, and look at your finances by tapping on that home you bought. The upkeep on your home is the best thing to look at. Make sure it’s putting you into a negative bank balance to get this part checked off. This means you aren’t paying your mortgage, and the bank will repo your house. Just quit your job and let yourself go broke, it’s very quick once you do that.

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