How to get Rufflet in Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go Battle League

The first bits of competitive PvP in Pokémon Go is set to debut this month, and folks are excited. With the launch of the first league, players are getting some other new content as well. Rufflet in Pokémon Go is a new addition being added as part of the upcoming Battle League PvP season. Niantic is getting ready to kick the season off with a bang, offering players the chance to compete and prove who is the best trainer of them all.

To give the player base another goal to chase though, Niantic released Rufflet, the Normal and Flying-type Pokémon. This newest roster addition was previously set for debuting t in the Philadelphia Safari Zone from May 8th to the 10th but now that timetable has been moved up to help celebrate the launch of the new PvP content.

How to get Rufflet in Pokémon Go

Rufflet in Pokémon Go has been enabled as part of the game since before the launch of the first season of the Battle League in the game. Back during the first season that just wrapped, players only had to reach rank 4 to get a special encounter with Rufflet in Pokémon Go. As you take on various encounters and tasks as part of the new season of content, players will slowly go up in rank.

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With the launch of Season 2 of the Battle League, the bar has risen for getting into the battle with Rufflet in Pokémon Go. Trainers will need to get to rank 8 to get access to the encounter, meaning that players will need to do a little more grinding than usual. Keep in mind that Rufflet will not be guaranteed, but simply a random spawn. Most of the Pokémon random encounters occur when you get your first few wins, so keep battling to force more interesting spawns.

Rufflet has a CP of 3,088 at maximum, and some incredibly high stats, it’s one of the best options for many PvP situations as a result.

Season 2 of the Battle League was supposed to start this week, but the entire launch has been delayed a bit.

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