How to get the crossbow in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2

In the world of Dying Light 2 Stay Human, there’s a lot to learn. Dying Light 2 has a lot of new mechanics, owed to its much bigger map. This new game has changed a lot, and the game is very different. With all these changes, comes the need to relearn some old things. And when you’re fighting off the undead hordes, you want to be prepared. Having the right tools for the occasion is pretty important.

There are plenty of cool weapons to get, like the bow. As you progress through the story of Villedor, you will also find various vendors that sell bows and other weapons. Getting the bow is another matter. After completing Let’s Waltz! and entering the Downtown Metro, you’ll get a Pipe Bow and some arrows, among other things, as a reward. There are more useful weapons though, like the PK Crossbow. Here’s what to do to unlock it.

Part of that process means you need to get the right weapons. And that means both exploration, and interacting with in-game systems. Of these systems, there are a lot of people living in the undead apocalypse. And those people often belong to competing factions. The biggest two of these are the Survivors or the Peace Keepers. Each has its own goals and story, and you can choose to help either one.

As you interact with these two factions, you get more rewards. The crux of this system involves going around the game world and finding various pieces of infrastructure to claim. You can claim both Water Towers and Electrical Substations. Finding all of the Water Towers in Dying Light 2 is required if you’re going after the Municipal Services trophy or achievements. In fact, that’s true for both achievements and in-game unlocks.

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How to get the crossbow in Dying Light 2

The core of unlocking certain features and in-game gear means you need to explore your way around the map. There are various bits of structures that can be assigned to a faction when claimed.  As you activate more facilities around Villedor, such as Water Towers and Electrical Substations, you’ll assign these locations to either the Survivors or the Peace Keepers.

The crossbow in Dying Light 2 is given out as a reward for getting the Peacekeepers to a certain point of overall progress. The fourth Peacekeeper unlock is the crossbow, so assign 7 Facilities to the Peacekeepers if you want the crossbow. When you assign a fourth facility to the Peacekeepers, you’ll be rewarded with the Crossbow Pack, which means the PK Crossbow, as well as various blueprints for Elemental Bolts will be yours.

And that’s all you need to know when it comes to how to get the bow and crossbow in Dying Light 2.

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