How to turn on loaded dice in Baldur’s Gate III

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Weighted or loaded dice in Baldur’s Gate III are a new feature added by Larian to ease the difficulty. Being an adaptation of a tabletop RPG, there’s going to be some poor dice rolls that spoil the fun. So to balance things out there are now options in the game you can toggle to make the hard parts much easier.

The game throws a lot of dice around, and like any good RPG, luck isn’t always on your side. After all, what’s a good game of Dungeons and Dragons without both highs and devastating lows. Though sometimes, you can run into trouble. You can have that dice roll go either way, and that’s fine. The game will sometimes make combat too hard if you’re having a bad run of rolls. That’s where loaded dice in Baldur’s Gate III comes in.

If you find a combat roll or ability check too hard, you can turn on this feature to make things easier. Here’s how to turn skill and ability checks in your favor. It’s a very simple option to turn on, so here’s how to do it.

How to turn on loaded dice in Baldur’s Gate III

Go into the menu and look for the User Options section under the Gameplay tab. From there, scroll down and find weighted dice. That will tilt the rolls in your favor. That will cause the general rolls to average higher. You won’t be rolling 20s all the time, but you will generally do much better by weighting the RNG.

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The idea is that you use the dice option as a training mode of sorts, and then toggle it off at some point. You could engage in toggling the option and then loading a save before each conversation. Trouble is, you will need to be using constant save scumming if you choose that route. And that’s no fun.

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