How to create custom games in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite won’t get co-op or Forge at launch

Along with public matchmaking, Halo Infinite also offers custom games. The custom games are the lifeblood of many classic Halo players. All of us have stories of goofing of in customs in Halo 2, and we treasure those memories. Some new and old players alike want to experience that. Here are some basics of creating and altering custom games.

To create custom games in Halo Infinite, you need to go into the Multiplayer menu and select Custom Game. This will load you into a lobby that you have direct control over. This is how you can play only with your friends. One quirk with this is that you need to invite friends via the Friends tab, not under the Multiplayer menu. So when you create a custom lobby, you need to head there to bring your friends in.

Lobbies in custom games in Halo Infinite can hold up to 28 players, and there are a number of options you can alter. Setting custom game as “Friends Only” or “Invite only” will restrict who can join, but there’s so much more.

Open up the Mode Editor menu, and then you can scroll through the various options for each mode. The mode you’re currently editing will be listed on the left. You can tweak score limits and time to help put limits on how long the matches take. it’s also possible to alter the number of rounds in a match. If you want to create more immersive or strange game modes, you can also alter HUD settings, movement, and more. And if you want some moving targets, there are options to adjust the power of in-game bots.

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Then there are options to alter how the game’s network operates. Currently, you only have three options here: Xbox Live, local offline, or a LAN network. The default is Xbox Live, which will allow online play. The LAN party option would allow consoles to be networked together and let folks play against each other.

Once you have set up your game options and have players in your Lobby, press Play to begin the match as configured.

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