How to read the Dictionary in BitLife

How to Complete the Lucrative Lexicon Challenge in BitLife

Each time a new week rolls around, CandyWriter has a new challenge set to add to the Challenge Vaults, and a new reward to earn. This week, we’re getting in on the writing game and trying to flex literary talent. The Lucrative Lexicon Challenge in BitLife is the new one for those that play the mobile life sim. This one involves a bunch of steps related to reading and writing books, and it can take some good luck to get right. This challenge is a very intellectually-challenging one, so here’s what you need to do. The steps are pretty basic, once you know what buttons to push and when. Here they are:

  • Read the Dictionary
  • Become a Famous Author
  • Write more than two best-selling books
  • Write adult fiction
  • Write a viral Facebook blog post

How to read the Dictionary in BitLife

The first thing you need to do for the challenge is actually one of the more annoying steps, depending on how bad your luck is.

You will have to head into the Activities tab and then the Mind & Body section. There you will find an option to Read a Book. The game will spawn a list of readable books that you then have to click through. Hope that flicking finger is in shape! Browse the list of books and choose a dictionary to read. The most common type of dictionary is The Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Click on it and read the dictionary. Sometimes, you will get very lucky and have the option show up right away, most times though, you won’t be that fortunate.

If you can’t get the book you want to spawn, you have a few methods. You can choose a book already in the list and then choose Pick a Different Book from the reading page. This will grab a slightly refreshed list of books to choose from.  If you get the option you’re after here, you can read it and move on with the challenge. If not, you need to Age Up and then go through the book selection process again. Aging up fully respawns the list of possible books, giving you a bunch of new options.

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