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LGM Games publish first developer diary for Starpoint Gemini 3

Starpoint Gemini 3 Announced

Since the unveiling of Starpoint Gemini 3 earlier this year, sci-fi fans have been waiting to see what the newest installment in the franchise will look and play like. And with the release of a new developer diary, the first in a series from developers LGM, we see the first glimmers of design and gameplay for Starpoint Gemini 3.

The overall intent with the Starpoint Gemini series is plain to see, LGM wants to craft a compelling narrative and engaging gameplay in a living universe. Immersion is key to the vision the developers have for their flagship franchise, and with the newest game, there’s going to be an even bigger focus on this crucial element. The new game will massively expand on the gameplay and story built by the franchise up to this point, offering new ways for the player to “live” in the world of these games. As LGM puts it, “For the first time in the series, players will get to experience all the aspects of living in Gemini and get a better understanding of how that universe works.”

Part of how this new level of worldbuilding will be accomplished is by fleshing out the NPC interactions in the new title. Whereas previous iterations in the space sim series have left little room for NPCs to develop their own stories and motivations, the newest game will take things in a bold direction by making that aspect a more central part of the storytelling.

To help deliver on this idea, LGM is teaming up with Darko Macan, known for his work with the Star Wars and Marvel series, to help pen the story for this game and offer advice on the development of NPCs and factions within Starpoint Gemini 3. The results of all of this extra work and fresh eyes should be a massively improved and more immersive singleplayer space simulation. And I can’t wait to play it.

And don’t worry if you’ve been playing these games for years and have complaints about various things, just like me, as LGM are promising to deliver their best and most polished title in the franchise yet.

Starpoint Gemini 3 is still very early in production, and as such, doesn’t have a firm release date yet. we know it should drop in 2019 though. And we expect more details as part of future installments in this developer blog series. In the meantime, go learn more about the game by going to the official site, or checking it out on Steam.

Source: LGM Games on Steam

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