How to get remote raid passes in Pokémon Go

How to get remote raid passes in Pokémon Go

The new and super useful remote raid passes in Pokémon Go are a brand new addition to the mobile game by Niantic that have a very special use. The new tool was added to the game as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic by the developer. The response to the new virus has led to mass closures and delays of various public events all over the globe, and Niantic wanted to avoid players risking their health for raids and other content in Pokémon Go.

The Remote Raid Pass will become available in Pokémon Go soon. The item will be sold in the game for 1 PokéCoin at first, before shifting to a different bundle priced at 100 PokéCoins in the shop. Any players will be able to purchase either bundle, provided they get that first bundle in time before it goes away.

The Remote Raid Pass is used as part of the new Remote Raid system, which is basically the same as the ongoing Raid and Gym system in the game. With this special mode though, you won’t need to gather in large groups to take part in the special Raid events. With a Remote Raid Pass in Pokémon Go, you can be anywhere and match with players of the mobile game in your local area.

The feature was originally crafted in response to social distancing measures, to still allow players to continue playing the game, and is currently only sold via the Pokémon Go store. No plans have been finalized for what happens when social distancing starts to abate in many areas, which could take some time. Most countries are trying to slow the spread of the disease and will likely have some form of gathering restrictions in place for the duration of 2020 as vaccines have yet to be developed for COVID-19.

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Niantic has said that they are phasing out the Remote Raid Pass at some point. Players who use a Remote Raid Pass will become weaker than a player physically at a location as time goes by. There was no set date for when this will occur.

The goal here is to be able to play the Raids from home, which is where you should be right now, as most governmental bodies around the globe have issued some form of lockdown order over the spread of COVID-19 and the novel coronavirus that causes it.

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