How to go to Nursing School In BitLife

How to become a pilot in BitLife – Airline captain guide

Nursing School In BitLife is one of the many different paths you can take in your digital life. Like any deeply academic career, having a high Smarts score is important, just as much as maintaining it through life. There are many different professional courses throughout life, and nursing is just one of many, even within just the medical field. CandyWriter has modeled a shortened version of the life-long process in BitLife. Here’s how to get into Nursing School in the mobile game.

Starting out when creating your character, getting one with 40% Smarts or more is a great start. That makes for a good starting position to go from later in life. When you age up into elementary school, focus on reading books and going to the library as much as possible. It’s tedious, but it’s the best way to get an early boost to smarts. Hit the book section a few times a year and you will notice a decent growth in Smarts stats. And much like the challenges around doing things like becoming a psychiatrist. you’re going to need to put some time in to maintain that.

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Keep on top of your studying through High School. and this will make it much easier to succeed in college and nursing school. You may want to think about picking up an extracurricular sport to try and aim for that scholarship. When you get into University, make sure to keep on top of your grades and keep studying. After a few aging up cycles, you should be ready for the final step. Once you finish college, select the Nursing School option from Seek Higher Education in the menus for your future choices.

Once you complete nursing school and graduate, you can grab the Nurse role from the Jobs menu.

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