What is Vault Steel Scrap and how to get it in Fallout 76

Where is the Purveyor Legendary Vendor in Fallout 76 Wastelanders

There are a ton of different resources and crafting elements in Fallout 76. With all of the weapons and armor to loot and create, players will have a bunch of options to choose from, but there will always be a desire for the best loot. To get that loot, you need very specific items and you need to know where to look. An important resource in Fallout 76 is Vault Steel Scrap with the release of the new Wastelanders expansion.

This new item is very important, and only has one source currently in the game. Vault Steel Scrap is the new form of Vault 94 Steel Scrap. This item used to be part of the Vault 94 Raid which was the major endgame grind for armor and weapons in the base game of this new online Fallout. With the introduction of new content post-launch, Bethesda made the call to remove raids from the game entirely, including Vault 94. In short, players hated how much effort and time they had to sink into the new content, and the rewards just weren’t worth it.

Bethesda has now reworked Vault Steel Scrap into a new, much less grindy, system. The new method for getting this powerful Vault Steel Scrap is pretty simple, and take a fair bit less work compared to Vault Raids. The old raid site for Vault 94 is still there, it just has no use now. Instead, you need to head to the Ash Heap to get the new endgame gear.

You can obtain Vault Steel Scrap by purchasing it from the Purveyor Legendary Vendor, where it can be bought in exchange for 10 Scrip. Scrip is gathered by trading in extra Legendary loot at the exchange terminals at the Train Station.

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In addition, the Purveyor Legendary Vendor in Fallout 76 Wastelanders also holds a variety of different high-end armor and weapon sets that can be traded for. The variety of items she has is determined by ratings, and prices are based on that rating:

  • 1-star legendary armor: 15 scrips
  • 2-star legendary armor: 30 scrips
  • 3-star legendary armor: 60 scrips
  • 1-star legendary melee weapon: 25 scrips
  • 2-star legendary melee weapon: 50 scrips
  • 3-star legendary melee weapon: 100 scrips
  • 1-star legendary ranged weapon: 25 scrips
  • 2-star legendary ranged weapon: 50 scrips
  • 3-star legendary ranged weapon: 100 scrips

It’s very likely that Vault Steel Scrap will have more uses in the future but this has not been announced yet. Bethesda has not announced any new plans to reintroduce Vault Raids into the game, but some players remain hopeful they will make a return. Until that happens though, just keep saving up your Scrip and trading it for Vault Steel Scrap.

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