Where to find Maurice’s Black Market – April 9, 2021

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Borderlands 3 is looking to give players many new reasons to give the game another spin. Along with the new Director’s Cut DLC bundle, there’s some compelling rewards to be found as well. This new source of powerful weapons was added in the Director’s Cut update, so it’s a big part of the game now. Here’s where to find Maurice’s Black Market for the week of April 9.

What is Maurice’s Black Market?

The Black Market is a roving shop that sells rare loot to those that find it.

The market will move every Thursday at 9am PST to a new random location in the game. Each time the location changes, the stock will change too. So be sure to check back each week to find what’s being sold this week. Keep in mind that the weapons and gear sold will be rather expensive, as they are always Legendary tier. You better bring millions of dollars along when you’re shopping here.

This week, the market is selling off Legendary items including Breath of the Dying Assault rifles with a bunch of stat variants. Various Legendary SMGs and Shotguns round out the bundle this week.

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Maurice’s Black Market Current Location

This week you can find Maurice’s Black Market on Eden 6. Head to the northern edge of the map. Start with the Rogue’s Hollow fast travel point in Ambermire, and then look for the vending machine right at the edge of the map.

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