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Borderlands 3: Director’s Cut release date, details and more

Borderlands 3

Gearbox has been pushing out tons of interesting events and DLC for Borderlands 3. The new loot shooter has been a pretty big success for the franchise. And with all of the new content, it has had a pretty nice amount of staying power. The Borderlands 3: Director’s Cut aims to extend that presence by reworking some core elements and bringing out a fair amount of new stuff to boot. Here’s where the new version is coming from with new gameplay additions, as well as when it’s coming out.

This new version is basically a new Season Pass. People who have already purchased the previous season pass will need to buy this one too. It sucks, but that’s just the way things work sometimes. So here’s what to expect when you buy into the new season pass. The Borderlands 3: Director’s Cut will include several batches of DLC, aimed at expanding the base game with new gameplay options. The new DLC is scheduled to release on April 8 for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, and it should be a blast when you get it. Here’s what to expect from the new DLC.

Director’s Cut DLC Contents

Arms Race mode allows players to engage in a loot-based  FFA game mode to see who the best Vault Hunter is. New skill trees include Amara’s Enlightened Force tree, as well as FL4K’s Trapper and Moze’s Bear Mother. Zane’s The Professional skill tree rounds out the bunch. To tackle new bosses and challenges added as well, you will need to use these new skills. There will be new bosses and new quests to take on.

Along with this, the Season Pass 2 that contains the new Director’s Cut will include eight different skins. These are the Multiverse Disciples of the Vault and multiverse Final Form Cosmetic Packs. New Vault Hunter skins and weapons trinkets are in the game as well.

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