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Darksiders Genesis releases this December

THQ Nordic has announced the release date for one of their new games, say hello to War and Strife once again in Darksiders Genesis. The story is a lot more tongue-in-cheek this time around. The Horsemen are out in force to exact some divine justice against various forces and foes that act against the overall ordered nature of good and evil within the Darksiders universe. War and Strife are the enforcers of that order. The gameplay is much more in line with modern ARPGs like Warhammer Chaosbane, with a heavy focus on isometric action, but with some notable similarities.

A lot of that tonal shift comes from the fact that this game is a prequel to the main three games, offering a glimpse of what life was like at the cosmic level before it all went to hell, literally speaking. The main characters are recognizable, but couldn’t be more different in tone and their approach to doing their job. War is a nonsense kind of badass, looking to show up and obliterate anything standing in his way, and much the same can be said for his sister. Strife however, is much more laid back and loose about the whole “keep things in order” idea. He seems to prefer a much more casual approach to the wanton slaughter of his enemies, very much reminiscent of Deadpool in that way.

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Being an off-shoot action title, this new video game borrows quite a lot from the overall franchise. Expect the traditional Darksiders leveling system as well. All the items, abilities and horrifying enhancements that power up War and Strife will unlock over the course of their adventure add a chaotic and sometime beautiful feel to the game too, which is weirdly nice considering the tone of said adventure.

Gamers who are interested can see some of these abilities in a mixed CG and gameplay trailer that sets up the tone and showcases plenty of these different combat abilities. There’s a pretty surprising array of attacks and powers on display here, check them out in the new trailer down below.

Darksiders Genesis is coming to PC on December 5th. Thew new game brings plenty of action and lots of demon-slaying fun. You can pre-order Darksiders Genesis on the game’s website or on Steam and get a 15% discount.

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