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Monster Hunter World has a Resident Evil 2 crossover live now

Monster Hunter World Gets Resident Evil Event

Capcom has released an update for Monster Hunter World on PC, bringing the base game and the expansion version to 11.50. With that update, a fair few bugs were fixed, quite a lot. But the real meat of this meal is in the new content. Capcom has added a new volcanic region called the Guiding Lands, home to the fearsome Rajang. But that’s not all we’re getting to hunt in 11.50.

A crossover event with the remade version of Resident Evil 2 will force players to confront hordes of zombies, as well as the terrifying Mr. X. To hunt this new beast, Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield are on hand, in a manner of speaking. Much like the crossover with The Witcher series, your player model is transformed into one of the two, depending on gender, and tasked with hunting your quarry.

Completing the quest will grant some unique visual armor styles for both male and female character models. Players will have the privilege of being decked out in a full zombie getup. Players who earn the best ratings for the hunt will also earn a rather ghoulish-looking Tyrant armor set.

And if you’re one of those unlucky souls who can’t afford Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, we have a giveaway going on right now for you to win a copy of the expansion on PC.

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Capcom even released a new trailer for the event quest which can be seen below. Expect the new crossover soon. The Resident Evil crossover doesn’t have an exact release date yet; Capcom has been teasing the release date as sometime this month. This likely means it will be out this week, given that it ends soon.

But don’t forget how much Capcom loves these event quests in MHW. After the current RE2 crossover wraps, which ends on March 12th, several other larger events are coming. The  Grand Appreciation Fest is the first of the post-Iceborne monthly events and runs until February 13th. The next event after that begins on February 28th, with the launch of the Holiday Joy Fest. Also, the Winter Star Fest will run, bringing back some older event quests for those without the expansion.

After this round of updates and events, Capcom has one more piece of good news for fans. Finally, after months of waiting, the PC and console versions of Monster Hunter World will be fully synchronized in April 2020. Beyond that point, all content will release for all platforms at the same time.

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