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Warframe Switch version patches performance problems with 25.4.0

Warframe Switch Release Date

The latest minor patch for the free-to-play loot shooter, Warframe, is live now. Update 25.4.0 pushes the performance of the console port, and considering how massive Warframe is, it’s impressive that the weakest of the modern consoles runs it so well. And with the new update, loading and texture processing is that much faster.

A handful of bugs regarding lighting, as well as some memory leaks, have been fixed. This patch finally enabled Digital Extremes to re-enable Volumetric Lighting on the Switch version. A major hurdle with this was that  Cloth and non-GPU particle systems were running on the same processing thread, hindering overall performance. That issue has now been rectified by introducing better resource management.

A bunch of ongoing problems with a handful of textures “popping in” have been fixed. And Digital Extremes also remastered some textures, reducing file sizes and memory usage while only losing a bit of visual quality. We can see some of these changes in the GIF down below.

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In addition to the visual changes, the developer has also introduced a glut of new items into the console port. A bug part of this is a new set of TennGen armor sets that were previously on the PS4 and Xbox One, now being moved over to the Switch. Both offering new cosmetic styles and some ability modifiers, these new item bundles are really helpful for new players.

You can find the whole post here, if you want more details.

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