Where to find the Saddled Bichir in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

How to find and catch an Oarfish in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The Saddled Bichir in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is one of the more elusive rare spawns in the game. Along with the Sturgeon and Oarfish though, it’s a wonderful source of Bells. Fishing and catching bugs are a great way to make money in the game, and these rare and hard-to-find fish are some of the best things to look for when doing this. Of course, you could also just use the new duplication exploit to make unlimited Bells.

The newest guide for the popular Switch game is how to catch a Saddled Bichir. This fish is a bit easier to find, but since it shares a shadow with several other fish, it might not be guaranteed to catch one just by the shadow size alone. The Saddled Bichir has a large-sized shadow, and is shared with a few different rare fish. Be sure to fish in the rivers and not the sea for this fish though.

This much larger fish isn’t as rare as the much more expensive Barreleye or Sturgeon, but the Saddled Bichir is still worth 4,000 Bells, not bad. Check down below to find the spawn times for this particular fish. And if you want to improve your chances, be sure to grab some Fish Bait.

How to get Fish Bait

Fish Bait in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is something that will eventually become a necessity if you’re doing a lot of fishing. It’s pretty easy to get though, once you know what to look for. Just head to the beach and look for the shadows on the sand that occasionally spout water. These are the sites you need to dig to find Manilla Clams.

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When you find that first Manilla Clam, you will automatically learn how to make the Fish Bait via the Workbench and the DIY Recipe systems. Just take your Clams there to craft some Fish Bait. Toss it out into the water when you start fishing for some extra help.

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The spawn times for Saddled Bichir in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are almost the same, depending on which hemisphere of the game world you’re in. The difference here is that each hemisphere has a slightly different active time during the year where this fish spawns.

Northern Hemisphere

  • Fish at rivers
  • Large size shadow
  • Available from 9 pm to 4 am
  • From June to September

Southern Hemisphere

  • Fish at rivers
  • Large size shadow
  • Available from 9 pm to 4 am
  • From December to March

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