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Bethesda has canceled its digital E3 2020 presentation

E3 2020

After E3 2020 was cancelled last month, gamers all over the globe were expecting most studios and publishers to opt for a digital presentation via live stream. But it appears as though COVID-19 isn’t letting up anytime soon, and it’s now very possible that by June 2020 the pandemic could still be ongoing in the United States. Various studios and publishers have yet to confirm or deny their E3-less plans yet, but we now have at least one major cancellation. Major yearly industry gatherings like E3, TGS and GDC have also been canned as well, leading many to have to cancel travel plans.

Bethesda’s digital E3 2020 showcase was planned for this same time, and fans were expecting to hear more from the famous RPG creating studio. Earlier today though, Pet Hines announced that these plans have now changed. The details of which games could have been shown have not been confirmed, as the Bethesda’s E3 2020 digital event was still in the works at this point.

Fan suspected to hear more news for the Fallout and Elder Scrolls franchises, and yes that includes The Elder’s Scroll VI as well. Folks also hoped to see  Ghostwire: TokyoDeathloop, and Starfield at E3 2020, but we now have no idea when or if we will see these games from Bethesda.

The USA has now surpassed the top mark for novel coronavirus cases around the globe, with more than 213,000 confirmed cases. This comes with the amount of testing notoriously being underdone. Many US states are not mass-testing for asymptomatic cases and not counting mild cases that don’t report to the hospital. Various reports have also suggested that some doctors are working without testing and proper PPE, leading to a potential rash of new infections thanks to poor containment. All of this suggests that the US has several times more active cases than has been confirmed, but without mass testing it’s impossible to say how many people actually have COVID-19 in the country.

Globally, more than 935,000 people have been confirmed as having the deadly disease, with nearly 50,000 people having died so far. All countries are suspected of having inaccurate data surrounding the number of cases, with Italy, China and the USA all have issues with accurate testing and reporting. The three biggest outbreaks so far are in these countries.

The economic downturn has been pretty noticeable as well. The Q1 2020 just wrapped today, and the stock projections had their worst single-day drop in history today. Advertisers and publishers in the internet creator scene are noticing a huge drop in advertising revenue as millions have also been laid off of work.

So amid that sobering backdrop, it’s completely understandable as to why Bethesda’s E3 2020 showcase was canned.

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