Where to find chickens in Sea of Thieves

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Sea of Thieves has its players hunting down some of the weirdest treasures one could think of. There’s skeleton forts to raid for ancient jewels and chests, but also massive Kraken to fight for powerful weapons and other goodies. This latest tidbit though, is of a much jucier variety, in the kind of literal sense. A variety of challenges exist to find chickens in Sea of Thieves, of all things.

There are many different types of small animals all around the game world. Chickens are just one of them. But unlike snakes and more vicious creatures, chickens are fairly docile. You can even grab them in a cage and trade them to the Merchant alliance to increase your reputation with that faction. Sometimes, there are also daily quests that involve capturing and turning in chickens too.

Here are the best places to find chickens in Sea of Thieves.

All islands with chickens

There are a bunch of the smaller islands out in the game world that spawn chickens. You will find various hidden treasures and secrets on your Voyages, and it’s pretty easy to find these little winged things. Here are all the islands that can spawn chickens, along with the coordinates.

  • Barnacle Bay (O15 and O16)
  • Cannon Cove (F10 and G10)
  • Crook’s Hollow (M16)
  • Marauder’s Arch (Q3)
  • Mermaid’s Hideaway (B13 and C13)
  • Old Faithful Isle (M4 and N4)
  • Scurvy Isley (K4)
  • Shipwreck Bay (M10)
  • The Crooked Masts (O11)
  • Thieves’ Haven (L20 and M20)
  • Tri-Rock Isle (R10)
  • Twin Groves (H11)
  • Wanderers Refuge (F12 and F13)

The spawn rate on these islands appears to be pretty random. It doesn’t see like there’s a direct way to guess what islands spawn chickens in a given wave. It might be best to pay attention to what islands have less foot traffic, as it’s more likely a player hasn’t already snagged the birds on the less-used islands. You can also go for a circuit of sorts through Scury Isley, Old Faithful Isle, and Marauder’s Arch; or alternatively, hit up Shipwreck Bay, The Crooked Masts, and Tri-Rock Isle. All these islands are relatively close, and can be a good route to run when looking for poultry.

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How to catch chickens and find chicken coops

If you’re looking to trade chickens in Sea of Thieves, you need to put in a bit of extra work. Since you can’t hand them in directly, you need to have a chicken coop on hand. Buy one at any outpost where you got your Merchant Voyages, as these are necessary for the process to work. Sometimes, you can get a quest from a Merchant Alliance representative to turn in chickens, otherwise, you will have to buy the coop and hope to get lucky.

To catch an animal, get close to it an hit the interact button when the prompt appears, but be quick. You will place a captured chicken into a coop if you have one on-hand, and it’s ready to be turned in.

Prices range from 100 Gold on a Voyage, to as much as 1,500 Gold when on a voyage for the Merchants. The best way to make hunting chickens lucrative is to undertake Merchant Voyages, grab a coop, and start hunting for the incredibly rare Black Plumed Chicken. These are rare, but not as hard to find as the Golden Chicken, so you can find them faster.

Here’s the price breakdown for chickens in Sea of Thieves when trading them in.

  • White Feathered Chicken
    • No Voyage: 10 Gold
    • Merchant Voyage: 100 Gold
  • Red Speckled Chicken
    • No Voyage: 30 Gold
    • Merchant Voyage: 300 Gold
  • Black Plumed Chicken
    • No Voyage: 70 Gold
    • Merchant Voyage: 700 Gold
  • Golden Chicken
    • No Voyage: 150 Gold
    • Merchant Voyage: 1,500 Gold
  • You can also sell Cooked Chicken to The Hunter’s Call for 45 Gold.

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