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Detroit: Become Human releases launch trailer

Detroit Become Human Launch Trailer

Detroit: Become Human releases a new launch trailer for its story-driven game that releases in a few days.

The game jumps a few decades into the future, to the year 2038, and places the player into a world where androids are manufactured by the thousands to handle all the mundane and dangerous tasks that regular organics no longer want to deal with. You control three self-aware androids — Connor, Kara, and Markus — and determine their fates throughout the course of the game. And if you’re lucky, they end up better than being burned to a crisp.

We’ve seen a lot of Detroit since its 2012 reveal via the Kara tech demo. since then, there’s been a whole bunch of trailers and TV spots that gave us glimpses into the mind of David Cage.

Check out the new trailer below.

The ominous trailer, featured above, teases the story of the beginning of a new revolution, one that pits man against machine. The increasing “deviancy” of the android population is clearly serving as an analogue for the modern struggles against racism and other forms of bigotry. Though it remains to be seen exactly how much David Cage learned from his previous outings in terms of constructing an effective narrative.  I guess we’ll see on release day just how much the dev team has restrained “the Cage” for this game in comparison to the unbearable insanity that is Omikron: The Nomad Soul.

Detroit: Become Human is due out on May 25.

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