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Free PS Plus Games For November 2019

Free PlayStation Plus Games For November 2019

Just like previous months, Sony is back again to give gamers a taste of the good stuff in the form of free games. You will need to be a paying member of their premium Playstation Plus service to access these free games, and there’s new ones dropping each month, but you get permanent access to the free titles for as long as you’re a paying customer. There’s only two games this month, but they’re both really great. Both games join the PS Plus lineup on November 5th, so you won’t have to wait that long either.

The inclusion of the original Nioh is clearly timed by Sony and Team Ninja, as the sequel is due quite soon. Nioh 2 will also have a public beta through the PSN store starting in November, so clearly the developer wants to get people interested by having them play the first game. Nioh is set in fictional feudal Japan and it’s rather spooky, as there are vicious monsters everywhere intent on ripping your guts out and feasting on them. Lucky for you though, the player has access to their own secret weapon that can help battle back the evil hordes in fast-paced and bloody combat. So if you’re at all enticed by the idea of slashing your way through mysterious and shadowy beasts in visceral combat, this might be of interest to you.

The other game on the bundle, Outlast 2, is a completely different beast altogether. Developer Red Barrels created a brutal survival horror title where you fight a desperate struggle for survival against something of an evil cult, at least that’s what you’re led to believe at first. The much more surreal elements of the story show through from the start, teasing a much darker and insidious threat that may be hidden in the shadows.

Known for a combination of mind-bending story beats and great use of jump scares. Outlast 2 is a worthy sequel to the already excellent first game.

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