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Elite: Dangerous Season 3 kicks off with free Beyond – Chapter One open beta


Coming off of the various announcements from Frontier Expo, Elite: Dangerous is starting to deliver on the promises made for 2.4 and beyond. Starting on January 25, Chapter One of the Beyond expansion will enter beta for all players. This new content update will push the narrative forward a bit after the Thargoid attacks last season.

While squadrons and fleet carriers for player groups aren’t debuting just yet, some other features are now in open testing.

Features to watch out for include advanced Trading Data with more information on the economy which will enable smoother deals and transactions. The COBRA engine revamp is also well underway. This means rendering of planets is now more consistent and visual appealing. Environmental conditions in the atmosphere of planets should reflect more realistic stellar appearances with these changes.

Engineering mechanics, mission rewards, and a new crime and punishment system will also come into play. There’s also the new Chieftain Alliance warship entering the game.

One feature that’s going to be tested is the new GalNet Audio which should really bring the game to life and it’s something we’re particularly looking forward to.

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You can check out the other features in the roadmap we’ve previously covered.

Check out a video trailer for Chapter One below:

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