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Thargoids in Elite: Dangerous have begun attacking stations


Earlier this year, Elite’s Thargoids menace descended on Elite: Dangerous. Before long, war was waged, and despite player attempts to communicate, the conflict seems to have been escalated in the response.

This is all part of the ongoing Thargoid narrative in Elite Dangerous 2.4. Which is, in itself, part of the Season Two ‘Horizons’ expansion. Here’s the video promoting the event.

Thargoids, it seems, are now able to attack space ports. And they’re pretty good at it. The Oracle port is under heavy attack, and appealing to any and all available pilots to show up in defense. Any and all available Commanders have been asked to help evacuate innocents from the besieged stations.

Players have shown up to one of the under attack stations and documented some of the chaos, as you can see below:

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