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Vampyr gameplay trailer and E3 trailers released

Vampyr Gameplay

A 15-minute pre-alpha gameplay trailer for Dontnod’s action-RPG Vampyr has emerged from the dusty crypts of PR emails.

The trailer follows the newly turned Dr. Jonathan Reid as he travels across old London, immediately after the funeral of a family member. Exploration, conversations with NPCs and fighting are all shown off in the trailer. As well as some vampiric abilities of course.

Given that it’s in a pre-alpha state, the combat and a few other systems look a little rough, but they still look interesting to me because of the promise they show in their execution. Hopefully with some more time and polish, the mechanics can really shine.

One of Vampyr‘s big features comes down to choosing on whom to feed, and what effects that will have on the environment. Feeding on low-quality blood of the ill and infirm likely won’t do you any favors, but on the other hand, killing those with no reason to die is obviously going to create problems for you . Not only that, but feeding on people impacts the environment; kill too many people and the infrastructure of the district might collapse, while perhaps you can make things a little better for the locals by only feeding on the thugs who prey on them in less macabre ways. Nonetheless, every kill has a butterfly effect on the other NPCs, and this looks like it could make for some very intriguing gameplay.

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Vampyr was originally due to rise in 2017, but has since been delayed to June 5, 2018. Check out the trailers below


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