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Black Desert Mobile gets new daily events and Hadum Boss Rush

Black Desert Mobile gets new daily events and Hadum Boss Rush

Pearl Abyss has launched a new update for Black Desert Mobile. The new content has been released for the game on both iOS and Android devices, and includes a challenging new game mode. The new mode is called the Hadum Boss Rush and it’s going to be a lot of fun to get a new twist on tough boss fights. The core of this mechanic is the new Hadum boss that’s part of a new storyline, and is key to some ultra-powerful gear.

Completing this new mode will unlock incredibly powerful loot and tons of other items for your character. It’s not going to be easy though, as this is meant for the most elite players. You can earn rare gear, reagents, materials, currency, and even more Lightstone Fragments for use in your game through this new event.

Along with the new content in the Boss Rush, there’s a new Daily Missions event. As the name implies, players will be given daily tasks to overcome for special rewards. Think of it like a more challenging daily login questboard. As of now, the Daily events are set to run between January 19 and February 1.

How to unlock the Hadum Boss Rush

You need to craft some items and put some work in first. If you want to enter Hadum Boss Rushes, you will first have to grind your way through Red Nose’s Boss Rush in Elion’s Realm at Difficulty 99 first. Then there will be a Story Quest called “Hadum: Uneasy Peace” that unlocks the final mode.

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You will also need to gather 100 Boss Stamps and 1 Shadow Knot, these will be useful later. Each version of the Boss Rush has a time limit and they’re going to be pretty tough. You will have to complete the mission within three minutes to succeed and claim your rewards. Use 100 Boss Stamps and 1 Shadow Knot to enter your first Rush. You can get more of the materials to enter from the Hadum Spoils of Battle.

Once you have the materials, you’re ready to go. Navigate to the Rush Board and tap ‘Switch to Hadum Boss Rush’ to go from Elion Boss Rush (Normal) to Hadum Boss Rush. Then you’re ready to begin fighting your through this new challenge.

The Hadum Boss Rush is a time-locked event, meaning it runs on a set schedule. The event will run on Wednesdays and Sundays between 6pm and 7pm for the first round, and then again between 9pm and 10pm those same days.

If you’re more of a fan of a video guide, check that out below, courtesy of IceXGame. It’s kind of difficult to follow if you’re new to the game though, so be prepared to pause and follow the on-screen prompts.

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