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Elite: Dangerous players are waging war on the Thargoid menace


The Thargoids have returned to Elite: Dangerous in patch 2.4, and already players are attacking them and trying to find a weakness to exploit.

Early reports seem to indicate that the Thargoid craft and their Thargon minions are immune to many types of damage.

Nevertheless, players are finding ways to fight back. One player already managed to rip an organic and highly corrosive chunk out of a Thargoid ship, while other players have noted some odd gravitational signatures around a Thargoid’s frame shift. There are even reports of a fleet taking on a Thargoid and surviving, developing battle tactics that could take one down even if they didn’t succeed on the first attempt (the fleet in question suffered no losses, however). It’s going to be interesting to see how the community continues to respond to these alien threats.

But it’s not looking good for some players hopes. An entire fleet of 20+ Commanders engaged a Thargoid vessel in a nearly 20 minute-long firefight, and seemingly had no impact.

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As time progresses, we’ll likely learn more about what makes the Thargoid tick, but for now we just have to survive.

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