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Terminator: Resistance gets new Annihilation Line story DLC

Terminator: Resistance gets new Annihilation Line story DLC

Reef Entertainment today announced a new DLC expansion for their surprise hit, Terminator: Resistance. A new story DLC is coming to Terminator: Resistance. We’re finally getting to see more of the future war that has been such a central part of the plot of the franchise.

Terminator: Resistance has been stalking along, since its launch. When it first launched on PC, players joined the resistance and fought back the metallic tide of Terminators. It got middling reviews, but was still fun as the B-tier shooter that it was. New content has been added in recent months, like the Infiltrator stealth mode. The game has been ported to the PS5 since its PC launch. And now, we’re getting new story DLC in the form of Annihilation Line.

The story focuses on the legendary resistance member Kyle Reese. As a story-focused piece of content, Reef is trying to tie the game’s main story more directly into the events of the films. The player will have to invade a Skynet facility, possibly to find some new weakness in the machines. Fight your way through legions of new and deadly machines, to a mysterious fate.

The new content will not come to the PS4, so those on older platforms are out of luck. The Annihilation Line DLC will arrive for Terminator: Resistance on the PlayStation 5 and PC on December 2. Check out the trailer below.

For those not up on their Terminator lore, Kyle Reese is a very important name. Reese was the TechCom Sgt. sent back to 1984 to protect Sarah Connor from termination by a T-800. Sarah and Reese fought for their lives, ending in the death of Kyle and the destruction of the iconic T-800 model 101. But his death didn’t come until he had fathered John Connor, the eventual of the anti-Skynet resistance.

Kyle Reese and the concept of time travel is a core of Terminator as a franchise. This story formed the basis of the legendary sci-fi franchise, and is a great example of how to introduce a franchise. And though the series of films had their ups and downs, the series remains popular.

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