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Monster Hunter World is getting a major update, here’s where to watch the reveal

Monster Hunter World Developer Update

Capcom is hosting a livestream soon to unveil a new update coming to Monster Hunter World, and even though details haven’t been revealed yet, fans are extremely excited.

Despite being released a year ago, Monster Hunter World is still ripe with new content. And even though many hardcore fans decry the lack of content in terms of difficulty, which is a legitimate gripe once you’ve completed all of the gear sets you want, there’s still plenty to do in Astera. And with all of the various event quests, Arch-Tempered hunts, and other goodies, Capcom is still planning to do more. At least that’s the expectation ahead of a planned developer update livestream tomorrow.

We don’t know exactly what this update will entail, but there’s a lot of speculation among MHW players about what this new patch could contain. Speculation ranges from the addition of G-Rank, to a new sixth in-game area based on the death of Zorah Magdaros. And although Capcom has said that G-Rank would require significant rebalancing to implement, that hasn’t stopped fans from hoping for its inclusion.

For those that don’t know, G-Rank is essentially a super-tough version of Monster Hunter quests that feature extremely tough enemies and new mechanics. They’re the hardest difficulty option which exists in the Monster Hunter franchise, and hardcore fans love it. Whether such a mode will be added to Monster Hunter World has been the subject of debate among fans for months, and with the 1 year anniversary of MHW coming up, it’s still up in the air. Nonetheless, I really hope this livestream contains some new content of substantial form, I’d be kind of disappointed if it’s just a new limited-time Siege quest like Kulve Taroth. The game desperately needs more challenging and varied content in my opinion.

Monster Hunter World’s special developer update will take place on December 10 at 9 a.m. EST. You can watch the stream on YouTube (here) or on Twitch (here).

Monster Hunter World is out now for Xbox One, PC and PS4. The game is also currently running its seasonal Winter Star Festival, an in-game event where all of the previously released event quests are available in one big bundle.

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