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How to get Trick-or-Treat Bags in Guild Wars 2

How to get Trick-or-Treat Bags in Guild Wars 2

Trick-or-Treat Bags in Guild Wars 2 are a part of the new Halloween event that landed this week. Dubbed Shadow of the Mad King, players will get to partake in a new battle to fight back the Mad King’s forces from this world. Don’t think it’s all bad though. True to seasonal form, there’s plenty of treats to be found. The Shadow of the Mad King event runs through November 9, during that time you can take on various events for seasonal loot.

The core of the Halloween event is in the mini-games and events. The Trick-or-Treat Bags in Guild Wars 2 are given out as loot bags when you complete these events. There are three main events, and two mini-games. You can also get them from Candy Corn Veins, So if you find one in an event or have one in your home instance, be sure to use it for some free loot.

Mad King’s Clock Tower

This is a special jumping puzzle added for the event. Players have to reach the top while avoiding the miasma and undead mobs. You will need to do this with a time limit too. Though it’s not too harsh at 15 minutes. Follow the paths up and take your time. You don’t want to rush and plummet to your demise. Just make it to the top by following the path.

The tower will sometimes change shape and break apart, when it does this, new paths are often revealed. Follow them and be patient. it can be done in under two minutes if you know the path. Look at the video below to see a visual representation of the path.

Ascent to Madness

The Shadow of the Mad King event includes its own dungeon that you can run as much as you want. You can find a full rundown of the dungeon’s boss fight on the wiki page.

Completing Ascent to Madness will reward the player with a 10 slot Trick-or-Treat bag. Each subsequent run will yield five loot bags and a mix of currency. There’s also a chest to be opened at the end of the dungeon. This is what you’re really after, as it gives out tons of loot via as many as 50 of the loot bags.

  • 7-15   Trick-or-Treat Bags
  • A chance at one of the following:
    • 1 random piece of equipment of Rare rarity
    • 1 random piece of equipment of Exotic rarity
    • 50   Trick-or-Treat Bags
    •   Tattered Bat Wing

Mad King’s Raceway

The Mad King’s Raceway is an area within the Mad King’s Realm that can only be accessed during this event. Is a special mounted race event, and if you’ve played Reaper’s Rumble, you will have seen the layout before. There are three time trials and a handful of events you can take part in to earn rewards. Zip around the maps and finish the events to earn your rewards.

If you want more details right from the source, head to the event’s page on the GW2 site.

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