How to Make Armor in Core Keeper

Core Keeper Review

Core Keeper is a sandbox survival game that has a rather cute style, and tons of fun buried underneath the adorable exterior. It’s a Minecraft-inspired title, through and through. But don’t let that comparison push you off. This new RPG has a ton of deep crafting to mess around with. The basics are all there. You can easily make basic wooden items and starter tools by just gathering wood, dirt walls and a few basic items. Just gather these basic items to make things like Torches. These basic items will be very helpful in the early game. But there’s so much more to this new ARPG.

When you’re first starting out, there’s a lot to learn about this impressive little indie game. But as you learn more, you will need to take on more challenging bosses and craft more interesting bases. Crafting in Core Keeper works much like many other similar games: you take some base materials, go into a menu, and make something new with those materials. But as you get into deeper parts of the game, you need better than wood items. You’re going to need to find Copper, Tin and Iron as you go. These metals will unlock all the various crafting items you can use. From tools like pickaxes and swords, you can get plenty of powerful combat advantages. For armor in Core Keeper, you can make a Helm, Breastplate and Pants from these three metals as well.

Keep reading to find out the recipes you can use to get more stats by crafting better armor.

Wood Armor

Here are the Wood Armor recipes and stats in Core Keeper:

  • Wood Helm
    • Recipe: 7 Wood
    • Stats: +5 Max Health, +3 Armor, 35 Durability
  • Wood Chest
    • Recipe: 12 Wood
    • Stats: +6 Max Health, +4 Armor, 75 Durability
  • Wood Pants
    • Recipe: 10 Wood
    • Stats: +6 Max Health, +4 Armor, 70 Durability
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Wood is obtained from digging up the tree roots you will find infesting your starting base. You can also plant seeds to grow more of it if you want to start farming some.

Copper Armor

Here are the Copper Armor recipes and stats in Core Keeper:

  • Copper Helm
    • Recipe: 8 Copper Bars
    • Stats: +8 Max Health, +4 Armor, 90 Durability
  • Copper Chest
    • Recipe: 11 Copper Bars
    • Stats: +10 Max Health, +7 Armor, 100 Durability
  • Copper Pants
    • Recipe: 9 Copper Bars
    • Stats: +9 Max Health, +6 Armor, 95 Durability

There are many other items you can find in the game. The boss chests will often contain unique rings and other items. There are also plenty more craftable armor pieces to come. You can also create special jewelry that has its own bonuses attached:

  • Copper Cross Necklace
  • Iron Chunk Necklace
  • Gold Crystal Necklace
  • Gold Crystal Ring
  • Glow Tulip Ring
  • Swift Ring

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