How to Complete The Achilles Challenge in BitLife

How to complete the Achilles Challenge in BitLife

It’s time for another weekly BitLife challenge that offers more fictional and fantasy nonsense to get into. The game offers a huge challenge for Bitizens to get into. This week, you’re trying to become as close to the ancient hero, Achilles. Here’s what you need to do to the Achilles Challenge in BitLife. It’s a somewhat straightforward challenge, but it has some very strange turns to it.

How to Complete The Achilles Challenge in BitLife

  • Be born a male in Greece
  • Join the army
  • Serve in 3+ military deployments
  • Have 100% happiness, health, smarts, and looks
  • Suffer from athlete’s foot

Greece is pretty simple as a starting location, just pick it. THen you need to work on stats and get into the military. The stats-based challenge parts are a bit more complicated, as you need to do specific tasks to get these stats maxed out. Getting good Health and Body stats are a big part of the early game here. Get into the wrestling team to have good stats, do that early in school and keep it up.

  • Happiness: Going on tons of vacations and have good relationships with friends and family. There’s also something to be said about buying expensive things.
  • Smarts: Make sure to study a ton during schooling, and visit the library often.
  • Health: Always eat a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise for this stat. Also make sure to visit the doctor a bunch.
  • Looks: Get plastic surgery and have it go well, as well as get tons of haircuts and have a high Health stat.
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Focus on getting those stats up as fast as possible and keep them there. That sets you up for the later parts of the Achilles Challenge in BitLife. When your character turns 18, you need to apply to join the military. That’s the biggest part of this that you have to repeat aside from the stats stuff. When you serve the military tours, you need to compete in a minesweeper-like mini-game that’s got a very simple but kind of boring feel to it.

Once that’s done, you have either completed the Achilles Challenge in BitLife, but if you’re on iOS, you have another objective. The iOS users have to also get athlete’s foot. It’s a reference to the legendary downfall of the Greek hero, and it’s only part of the challenge for some users. This is the most random, and most annoying, part of the challenge. You can contract it from public showers, locker rooms, and gyms, so head to these places to hope you get lucky.

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