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Elite: Dangerous Xbox One Launch Trailer


Frontier Developments has released a trailer for the upcoming release of Elite: Dangerous in the “Games Preview Program” for Xbox One. The preview version, which is set to launch in July, will be centered around a PVP experience: The Close-Quarter Combat Championship.

While no details about the PVP arena’s unique gameplay have been released, the trailer shows off power-ups and destructible environments. It even gives a peek at a ball being towed behind a fighter, which is assumed to be some kind of energy weapon.

PC and Mac players aren’t being left out. Frontier has said that CQC will make it into the desktop version some time in 2015. People who already own a copy of Elite: Dangerous and purchase the Xbox version will be given a 5 GBP gift code, which is the value of a couple ship skins.

Elite: Dangerous is also currently 10% off on the Frontier store, and Steam.

Update: Xbox One owners are now able to buy the game. The price is currently $31 US, or 25 GBP.

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