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Bioware still very committed to developing Anthem


Anthem, Bioware’s latest new AAA game, has had a very rocky launch for a variety of reasons. The game was hit by a huge variety of bugs and design problem, both of which were owed to rushed development and constant directionless development. Players were not very happy with the state of the game, as the core loot mechanics and other gameplay aspects were negatively affected by design oversights and other issues. According to some reports, many players have already abandoned the game due to these problems.

Despite this, Bioware has continued to work on the title, bringing more and more content and fixes to the title. And even though the pace is pretty glacial for some players, there’s still hope that Anthem can make a decent turnaround. The one thing that could prevent this prospect though is the idea that Bioware will eventually give up on the game. The company has already had to delay some major new content with the Cataclysm expansion. According to BioWare, the delays are at least partially attributable to the need for a continued development focus on bugs, stability, and “game flow.”

But there’s other issues that could plague the shooter and its hope for the future. It has been reported previously that the development bandwidth of Bioware has increasingly shifted towards another game, Dragon Age 4. It’s also been reported that multiple lead developers have been moved from Anthem to the Dragon Age project. Despite this, it appear as though the team remains committed to improving Anthem.

Chad Robertson, the Bioware head of live service at their Austin office jumped on Twitter to reiterate this committment, going into a bit of detail about the future.

Many fans responded to this by retreading their concerns about the title. Players reactions are a bit mixed, as they usually are with controversial games like this across the industry. And despite updates like the Sunken Stronghold update which should help smooth the situation over, gamers remain unimpressed.

Players are constantly posting both their questions and discontent on the Anthem subreddit, but it looks like Bioware is getting a bit worn down by the negativity.

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