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[Dev Post] Alliance Tournament XIII Silent Auction Results


Greetings Glory Hungry Capsuleers

The results of the Auction for the last four positions in Alliance Tournament XIII are in. The following teams submitted bids:

  • -affliction-
  • Agony Empire
  • Cynosural Field Theory.
  • EON Alliance
  • Fidelas Constans
  • Galaxy Spiritus
  • Honorable Third Party
  • LowSechnaya Sholupen
  • Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork
  • Red Alliance
  • Red vs Blue
  • Sleeper Social Club
  • Solar Fleet
  • The Initiative.
  • The WeHurt Initiative
  • Unseen Wolves

Of those, the four winning bids were:

Alliance Name Bid Amount
Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork 78
Agony Empire 74
-affliction- 67
The WeHurt Initiative 60

As such, the final seeded listing of teams is as follows:

  1. The Camel Empire
  2. Nulli Secunda
  3. Pandemic Legion
  4. The Tuskers Co.
  5. The Afterlife.
  6. THE R0NIN
  7. Test Alliance Please Ignore
  8. Exodus.
  9. Rote Kapelle
  10. Tactical Narcotics Team
  11. Shadow Cartel
  12. M.I.F
  13. Black Legion.
  14. The G0dfathers
  15. Clockwork Pineapple
  16. CAStabouts
  17. Scary Wormhole People
  18. Brave Collective
  19. Hard Knocks Citizens
  20. The Methodical Alliance
  21. Triumvirate.
  22. Northern Coalition.
  23. Circle-Of-Two
  24. Dead Terrorists
  25. Out of Sight.
  26. Vox Populi.
  27. Forsaken Federation
  28. Together We Solo
  29. Curatores Veritatis Alliance
  30. Nihilists Social Club
  31. Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork
  32. Agony Empire
  33. -affliction-
  34. The WeHurt Initiative
  35. RAZOR Alliance
  36. Project.Mayhem.
  37. Gone Critical
  38. R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N
  39. 404 Alliance Not Found
  40. Alternate Allegiance
  41. The Bastards.
  42. Brothers in Arms Alliance
  43. Confederation of xXPIZZAXx
  44. Dream Fleet
  45. Verge of Collapse
  46. The Explicit Alliance
  47. Easily Excited
  48. The Gorgon Empire + The Gorgon Spawn
  49. Chaos Collective
  50. Phoebe Freeport Republic
  51. A Band Apart.
  52. Warlords of the Deep
  53. Nerfed Alliance Go Away
  54. Pandemic Horde
  55. WAFFLES.
  56. Affirmative.
  57. Suddenly Spaceships.
  58. Drop the Hammer
  59. It Must Be Jelly Cause Jam Don’t Shake
  60. End of Life
  61. Quebec United Legions
  62. The Kadeshi
  63. That Escalated Quickly.
  64. SpaceMonkey’s Alliance
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