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PAX West 2021 will be an in-person event in September

PAX West 2021 Details Released

PAX is on for 2021, and fans and gamers alike are pretty excited. A new press release from Penny Arcade has showed fans that PAX West 2021 is on for this September. PA co-founder Jerry Holkins stated in the press release: “It’s been almost two years since the last PAX West, and it’s been surreal to imagine its triumphant return.” Holkins finishes: “I can’t think of a better excuse to leave the house than PAX West.”

Finally, some good news amid the nightmare of the COVID-19 pandemic. This all comes after PAX East 2021 had been canceled and replaced with PAX Online East 2021, which will take place from July 15 to 18. So those of you looking to get back to normal have something to look forward to at the end of the Summer.

PAX East 2020 was one of the last in-person gaming conventions in that year, and now it makes a return as the county continues to get vaccinated and process the pain and loss of 2020. It will be good for many to return to some semblance of normalcy this year, but it’s important to note that you don’t have to jump into the fray right away. PAX stresses that this event should be the welcoming party back to the real world, and that everyone should do what’s best for them and their health. If that means skipping PAX West 2021, then so be it.

PAX West 2021 is currently scheduled for Labor Day weekend, starting Friday, September 3 and continuing until Monday, September 6. The convention is slated to take place at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle.

PAX originally announced these dates back in December 2020, although plans were not set in stone at that time. The caution was born out of necessary concern over the spread of COVID-19 illnesses at in-person events.

And you can rest assured that the company and local authorities will be working to reduce the chance of introducing COVID-19 to the event. The most obvious changes are that event capacity will be severely reduced, while vaccination records will be required to gain entry. This has not been explicitly confirmed either, but is very much expected to be the case.

Ticket sale dates have not been confirmed, but will take place soon. For those looking to attend, four-day badges for PAX West 2021 will sell for $230, while individual day badges will sell for $60 each.

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