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Project Genesis begins Early Access

Project Genesis Enters Early Access on Steam

8 Circuit Studios has announced the details for the Early Access phase of their new game, Project Genesis. Project Genesis is a new space-based adventure built around the idea of flashy combat among the stars. As it’s now entering Early Access, the game is still very early, but showing some promise.

Project Genesis will take the setting of sci-fi and heavy space themes and make something new in a genre choked by the likes of Star Citizen. Rather than trying to be the next huge MMO, the team wants something more creative and engaging. 8 Circuit Studios is comprised of developers and other folks who have quite the body of experience. Having worked on titles from Mech Warrior IV to World of Tanks, there’s a ton of input going into this new game.

The core gameplay takes inspiration from the likes of Destiny 2, and wants a more engaging feel that actually makes the player feel like they’re battling it out in space. Project Genesis also has a unique and refreshing focus on the FPS genre too. Players will be duking it out across a variety of settings. From breaching and boarding starships, to taking on vicious larger battles, there’s something for any FPS fan.

Even the story is immersed in sci-fi. As AI battle the last conscious humans for control, things are about to get a lot more heated. The players is placed in control of a hero fighting back against the AI menace, can you win the war?

To hear James Mayo, Navigator and President of 8 Circuit Studios tell it, the studio is trying to cut out their own little unique niche among a genre dominated by gargantuan games about spaceships. There’s a clear focus on, and general passion for, the combination of space combat fused with FPS combat. As he puts it:

“While games like Star Citizen and Dreadnought do an incredible job of creating the epic atmosphere in the vastness of space with incredible ship design, and sci-fi FPS games such as Halo and Destiny are kind of like operatic first person shooters, we thought it would be fun to fuse the two genre types into one game, but focus specifically on tactical combat and team-based competition. As an indie studio, we look up to the inspirational scale and scope AAA teams can achieve. Project Genesis gameplay is more compact. It also lets players team up and jump into tactical aerospace combat and FPS infiltration assaults quickly.”

As for the plan in Early Access, it seems pretty solid. The team will push out patches and monthly progress reports to let fans know how things are going. Already the game is taking shape, with environments and other early work ready for testing.

The team already has a new trailer out for the game, which can be seen below. Check the game out on Steam.

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