Guide to Nation of Beasts in Destiny 2

Nation of Beasts in Destiny 2 is a special little gun that has a very unique feel to it. The handcannon offers a solid base to work from, and is useful in both PvE and PvP. A fan favorite from the time of Forsaken content and it’s coming back again. However, with the new raid surviving the expansion, the Nation of Beasts is once again worth farming for.

The Nation of Beasts can only be acquired in the Last Wish raid found in The Dreaming City. You just need to get into the raid and complete it to get a possible roll on the item. Thankfully, Last Wish is fairly easy since veteran players should be well above the power threshold to take down its bosses. Once you defeat Morgeth, you get a chance to roll for this hand cannon.

Sadly, this version in the raid is a restricted or curated roll. There is a way to get non-curated rolls for this weapon though. You will want to head to the last wish wall. When you get to door for Kalli, the first raid boss, turn to the left and find a giant pool of water. Look to the far right corner of the room. You must jump over to the platform with the tall grass. Keep following the flowers along the path and through the holes in the rocks until you find the wishing room.

Wish 4 will immediately wipe the Fireteam and teleport them to the beginning of the fight against Shuro Chi, the Corrupted.

You will then want to turn around and run back toward the bridge behind you. There’s a spot to jump down onto a rock outcropping nearby to where Kalli is located. Hop down there and look in the rocks for a secret chest. Pop it and you can get Nation of Beasts in Destiny 2 this way.

Nation of Beasts PvE Best Rolls

  • Extended Barrel
  • Tactical Mag or Extended Mag
  • Outlaw
  • Rampage or Killclip
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The Nation of Beasts curated roll is actually pretty solid. Outlaw and Firefly as a combo can allow you to really scale tons of damage that chews through enemy packs, even red mobs. It’s a great roll and it’s worth having if you want to have some fun with a decent Handcannon. There are some other options for PvE though.

Extended Barrel is a must for better range and accuracy and that’s pretty useful in all situations. The negative aspects of this setup include a  slower stow speed, which isn’t too bad in PvE. There is one real problem though, as the low ammo count needs a boost that would be better used for damage buffs if we could. Extended Mag’s penalty to reload doesn’t matter with Outlaw, so that’s nice. Having Rampage or Killclip buffs the two areas we need help most, increasing damage potential and ammo counts.

Nation of Beasts PvP Best Rolls

  • Hammer-Forged Rifling
  • Accurized Rounds
  • Opening Shot
  • Explosive Payload

If you are planning to use the Nation of Beasts in PVP then you really want to get a specific setup. This weapon needs a bit of help to be viable in PvP modes. Players will want to start with Hammer-Forged Rifiling to increase your overall range. There is a chance that you could use Corkscrew as well as a replacement if you need to.

Accurized Rounds also increases base range, which is always useful in PvP. Opening Shot will increase DPS by ensuring that opening vollley is more accurate. You need to be a very good marksman to use a handcannon in PvP, but it never hurts to have a helping hand. Explosive Payload rounds out the loadout by introducing a deadly flinch mechanic to your shots.

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